1. Indexing & ETF Investments Conference

    The annual Indexing & ETF Investments conferences is the largest & unique index and ETF investment conference brand in china with around 1,200 attendees and over 100 speakers participated since 2010. As the largest platform and most powerful media in China even Asian index and ETF market, the conference dedicates to provide the latest industry information, deepest analysis on industry hotspots and most effective communication among market participants.

  2. The Inguinal Indexing & ETF Investments 2010
    The Inguinal Indexing & ETF Investments 2010
  3. The 2nd Indexing & ETF Investments 2011
    The 2nd Indexing & ETF Investments 2011
  4. The 3rd Indexing & ETF Investments 2012
    The 3rd Indexing & ETF Investments 2012
  1. The Hong Kong Investment Funds Association (“HKIFA”) is a non-profit-making organization that represents the asset management industry in Hong Kong. We have two major roles, namely consultation and education. On consultation, we work closely with the authorities to relay the views of our members on issues that have implications for the asset management industry. On education, we spearhead initiatives to enable Hong Kong people to understand more about the risk/return characteristics of mutual funds; and to use them effectively for retirement investment and other financial planning purposes. We have 54 fund management companies as full/overseas members. They manage about 1,260 SFC-authorized funds as at the end of September 2012, involving total assets of over US$1,000 billion. In addition, we have 73 affiliate and associate members. (www.hkifa.org.hk)


  1. STOXX Ltd. is an established and leading index specialist of European origins. The launch of the first STOXX® indices in 1998, including the EURO STOXX 50® index, marked the beginning of a unique success story, based on the company’s neutrality and independence. Since then, STOXX has been at the forefront of market developments, continuously expanding its portfolio of innovative indices – and now operating on a global level, across all asset classes.

    STOXX Limited is committed to delivering its high-quality, reliable and trusted index offerings to its global client base.

    The indices are licensed to more than 400 companies among the world’s largest financial products issuers, capital owners, and asset managers. They are used not only as underlyings for financial products such as ETFs, futures and options, and structured products, but also for risk and performance measurement.

    In addition, STOXX Ltd. is the marketing agent for the indices of Deutsche Börse AG and SIX Group AG, among them the DAX® and the SMI® indices.

    For more information, please visit www.stoxx.com

  2. STOXX公司是欧洲领先的指数专家。STOXX公司于1998年推出的包括EURO STOXX 50®指数在内第一批STOXX®指数,标志着该公司在中立性和独立性的基础上,开创出一条独特的成功道路。此后,STOXX一直走在市场发展的最前沿,不断扩大具有创新性的指数组合 -现在STOXX在全球范围内运行着跨资产类别的指数组合。


    STOXX指数被授权给400多家企业,包括世界上最大的金融产品发行人,资本所有者和资产管理公司在内的。他们不仅作为金融产品的标的,如交易所买卖基金,期货及期权,结构性产品。同时也为风险管理和表现进行测量评估。 此外,STOXX有限公司是德意志交易所股份公司和SIX GROUP AG指数的营销代理机构,负责德国DAX®和SMI®指数的推广。

  1. EXANTE Ltd. is a next generation brokerage company providing its clients with direct access to a broad range of financial instruments and global markets. EXANTE’s innovative integrated online trading and fund platform enables clients to trade FX, CFDs, ETFs, Stocks, Futures, Funds, Options and other derivatives from one account. From the start, EXANTE’s success has been driven by its people and their commitment to get results the right way — by operating responsibly, executing with excellence, applying innovative technologies and capturing new opportunities for profitable growth. EXANTE is involved in virtually every facet of the financial industry, by designing, producing and supporting cutting-edge infrastructure for greater financial market accessibility and pricing transparency. Ever since, EXANTE has been a catalyst in the global capital markets aggregating liquidity, offering access to exchanges around the world and providing its ground-breaking platform, technology and products to professional investors, investment service companies, brokerage companies, asset management companies, hedge funds and monetary financial institutions. Since the formation of the company in March 2011, EXANTE has rapidly become a leading presence in online trading by supporting a global client base due to its advanced technology, impeccable service, financial market accessibility, pricing transparency and focus on the development of its pioneering trading platform. EXANTE’s headquarters are located in Malta. It is fully licensed and regulated by holding a Category 2 Investment Services License issued by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA). www.exante.eu

  2. Hang Seng Indexes Company Limited (Hang Seng Indexes), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hang Seng Bank, was established in 1984 and is Hong Kong's major index compiler covering Hong Kong and mainland China markets.

    Hang Seng Indexes calculates and manages the Hang Seng Family of Indexes. Currently, the Hang Seng Family of Indexes comprises over 300 real-time and daily indexes. Indexes in the Hang Seng Family of Indexes are classified as Hong Kong-listed, Cross-market or Mainland-listed according to where their constituents are listed.

    Starting in 1969 with the creation of the Hang Seng Index, now widely recognised as the barometer of the Hong Kong stock market, Hang Seng Indexes has been at the forefront of the market, developing numerous market measures to help investors make their investment decisions.

    Indexes under the Hang Seng Family of Indexes are widely used by investors worldwide to create index-linked products and derivatives including structured products, index funds and Exchange-traded funds ("ETFs"). For more information, please visit www.hsi.com.hk.

  3. 恒生指數有限公司 (「恒生指數公司」)於1984年成立,乃恒生銀行全資附屬機構,為香港主要的指數公司,所編算的指數涵蓋香港及中國內地市場。

    恒生指數公司負責編算及管理恒生指數系列。現時,恒生指數系列旗下共有超過300項實時 / 每日指數。恒生指數系列按指數成份股的上市地域分類為香港上市、跨市場及內地上市。


    恒生指數系列被環球投資者廣泛應用於指數掛鈎產品及衍生產品,包括結構性產品、指數基金及交易所買賣基金。如需更多資料,請瀏覽 www.hsi.com.hk。

  1. Market Overview

    2012 proved to be an innovative year for China capital market with index-tracking funds and ETF all gained explosive growth. China issued her first ETF in 2004, then 5 ETFs in 2007. In the year 2010, 11 ETFs were issued; however, in 2012 the amount has been increased to about 40 with managed asset more than 100 billion RMB. At the same time, some new factors are continually stimulating the rapid growth of ETF in Chinese markets with two cross-border ETFs have been issued this year. Likewise, gold ETFs, currency ETFs, commodity ETFs and bond ETFs are all going to contribute the China capital market in 2013.

  2. Breaking News About QDIIs

    Trebled the Performance of A-Share, QDII Became the Bellwether!
    Relied on the strong growth momentum of the oversea market, QDII ended the situation of lagging behind the A-share fund and achieved astonishing changeover. By the end of October, 2012, QDII fund average income ratio had grown to 6.93%.

    The Rich Market As QDIIs Interested, By Region Or By Industry (data by industry source)

  3. QDIIs Assets Allocation in Region

    QDIIs Assets Allocation in Region

  4. QDIIs Assets Allocation in Industry

    QDIIs Assets Allocation in Industry

  1. The largest & Unique Indexing & ETF Investments conference brand in China with around 1,200 attendees since 2010

    Over 100 speakers & Panelist from China and overseas sharing their insights on ETF research, design and product as well as the market performance analysis and investment strategies with case studies and huge experience

    Following up on the latest ETFs developments, such as Commodity ETFs, Gold ETFs, Bond ETFs and Currency ETFs trading, margin and Investment in China

    QDIIs focus – educational content rather than sales pitches

  2. The Audience Will Meet by Sector:
  3. Asset Advisors:

    Investment Advisors
    Financial Consultants
    Financial Advisors
    Financial Planners
    Investment Consultants

  4. Investors:

    Hedge Fund Managers
    High Net worth
    Pension Fund Managers
    Insurance Companies
    Prime Brokers

  5. Service Providers:

    ETF Issuers                  Tax Analysts
    ETF Marketers             Distributors
    Index Providers           Lawyers
    Technology Providers

  1. etfexpress_logo

    ETF Express is the ETF’s industry’s leading portal on news and topical features, including updates on new fund launches, investment trends, regulatory news and distribution strategies, and a regular series of market surveys and product profiles. ETF Express produces a free daily newsletter covering essential news and features within the exchange traded funds industry and a series of special reports.
    Click here to access www.etfexpress.com

  2. hedgeweek_logo

    Hedgeweek is the hedge fund industry’s leading portal on news and topical features = including updates on new fund launches, investment trends, regulatory news and distribution strategies, and a regular series of market surveys and fund manager interviews. Hedgeweek produces a free weekly and a daily newsletter covering essential news and features within the Hedge Fund industry.
    Click here to access www.hedgeweek.com

  3. HC_Logo

    Hedge Connection has been helping managers and investors through web-based research, events and advisory work since 2005. Hedge Connection is the first and only internet- based platform that offers hedge funds direct access to a membership of "opt-in" qualified active hedge fund allocators. Investor members join for free and gain access to detailed information on hedge fund members. All members receive invitations to member's only events and partner discounts.www.hedgeconnection.com

  4. Leebug_logo

    Leebug is a free, interactive social networking site for people attending conferences. It allows event participants to network before, during and after an event. The platform provides tools to make every connection a strategic one and empowers interactions that will enhance the users ability to build relationships. www.leebug.com .

  5. tby_logo

    The Business Year (TBY) is a leading provider of business investment consultancy services and publisher of yearly information resources on national economies and business environments. The Business Year provides accurate, timely and country-specific economic and business data, assessing the trends and developments of all the major economic sector of the countries it conducts research. The Business Year presents the real opportunities and those creating them – business people, public officials, and key stakeholders –to introduce the many faces of the world of business.www.thebusinessyear.com

  6. hfa_logo

    Get the Fresh Lowdown on Alternative-Investment Activities Every week, Hedge Fund Alert delivers the early intelligence you need to anticipate money-making openings in the fund-management arena. The newsletter tells you what tight-lipped fund managers don’t want you to know. It also uncovers the secret moves of investors and other industry players. See for yourself -- sign up for a 3-week FREE trial subscription to Hedge Fund Alert. Start your free trial at HFAlert.com, or call 201-659-1700. www.hfalert.com

  7. abf_logo

    Asian Banking & Finance (ABF) is the new industry magazine serving Asia’s dynamic financial services industry. Asia is one of the world’s most busy and capital hungry markets and ABF is the new leader in reporting the moves and news at Asia’s leading financial institutions. Each issue of ABF carries a well balanced mix of articles which appeal to the CEO/CIO/CFO/MD of large banking and financial services institutions in Asia with coverage of technology, regulatory, market and insider news. The focus is on the commercial, retail and investment banking as we cover the players and news affecting people working in these companies. www.asianbankingandfinance.net

  8. bhhr_logo

    BarclayHedge, a leading source for proprietary research in alternative investments since 1985, has provided services as a publisher, database and software provider, and industry consultant. Barclay’s 18 hedge fund indices and 10 managed futures indices are utilized worldwide as performance benchmarks for hedge funds and managed futures. www.barclayhedge.com/products/best-hedge-funds-database.html

  9. iij_logo

    Institutional Investor Journals offer in-depth, original, and practical research in investment management and finance. Written and edited by world renowned practitioners and academics, the Journals and special topic Guides are extensively read and highly regarded in the industry. Their cutting-edge analysis and strategic insights make them invaluable resources for institutional investors all over the world. www.iijournals.com/?LS=ETFevent

  10. qfinance_logo

    QFINANCE.com is a free financial resource for professionals and academics across the globe. With practical finance information, including expert opinions, insight on best practice, viewpoints and a daily commentary, it is an invaluable reference for the finance industry. www.qfinance.com/home

  11. curved_logo

    Since 1998, Exchangetradedfunds.com has been providing information on ETP products both domestically and internationally on its website. Information on the site consists of product descriptions, ETFs listed on international exchanges, industry info and events, interviews from industry leaders and news. Education and cultivation of relationships globally is of great importance to us. Exchangetradedfunds.com also hosts the annual ETF Global Awards, an event which celebrates industry achievements in the international exchange traded product marketplace. Please visit www.exchangetradedfunds.com for more info.

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